Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Narcando Canada Lost In Life's Darkness Sublimation crewneck t-shirt

The third part of the collection is the Narcando Canada Lost In Life’s Darkness t-shirt, this t-shirt is a reflection of one of the darkest moments in my life. I spent over a year unemployed bouncing around between temp agencies & odd jobs before I decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship eventually launching Narcando Canada.The first step is the hardest, at least for me it was. I was dead broke living back at my aunt & uncles in a small room where I grew up; it was me, my girlfriend & my dog at the time.

Lost In Lifes Darkness By Shayne Logan - Ontario, Canada 

When I get frustrated or down I am not one to look for help, I actually need solitude. I began to draw relentlessly for hours on end to buy my time during the days as I waited on callbacks from interviews I went for, week after week but no calls came in. 
Lost In Life's Darkness Sublimation (Front)
Lost In Life's Darkness Sublimation (Back)

I realized it was time to do something for myself, I began to research e-commerce businesses & how they got started, that’s when I found Shopify. One of the easiest platforms used by millions to build businesses around the globe, Shopify lets users take advantage of third party apps connecting clothing manufacturing drop shippers directly to your store, also you can embed a Facebook store to maximize your audience. When I found out these crucial details I set up an account with Printful a drop shipping company in California that manufactures & fulfills orders for you that connect right to your store. I started uploading all my work from months of endless drawing into the shop & eventually becoming Narcando Canada. 

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Narcando Canada Lost In LIFE's Golden Moment Sublimation crewneck t-shirt

The idea behind this t-shirt came to me the same way The Narcando Canada Lost In LIFE T-Shirt came to me on my travel to Barrie in Northern Ontario.

Lost In LIFE's Golden Moment t-shirt (Front)
Lost In LIFE's Golden Moment t-shirt (Back)


If you have ever traveled on long road trips for hours at a time I’m sure you’ve witnessed a few beautiful sunsets yourself, being able to capture the moment & share it with the world is my goal. Not everyone has the opportunity to take long trips giving the mind time to reflect on past decisions or experiences weather good or bad, this t-shirt collection gives you the opportunity to share the experience. This t-shirt photo was taken during a harsh time I managed to overcome, my golden moment.
Canadian Sunset By Shayne Logan - Ontario, Canada

Every t-shirt designed at Narcando Canada is a reflective state of my mental, some bad, most nice but all are created with pure emotion by a Canadian. Narcando Canada accepts new artist to the design team on a daily basis, become a member & get you’re designs worn by the world!

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

NEW PRODUCT ALERT!!! Narcando Canada Lost In LIFE Sublimation crewneck t-shirt

Where did the Idea come from? 

Well every so often I have to take trips up north to Barrie, Ontario & I visit my family. The drive up north in Canada is always nothing but the nice scenery unless of course you get caught up in the snow...lol! But truth be told the sunsets on the way up are incredibly stunning if you can catch them at the right time! I figured I could put some decent iPhone photography to work here & slap it on a T-shirt! Now available at Narcando.com!

Photo Of A Sunset On Yonge Street In Ontario, Canada

I named the T-shirt Lost In Life because when on the journey to Barrie it's always a great time to think back on life & the path you have been on! Narcando represents a brand of self-expression & alignment with one's self!

Photo Of A Sunset On Yonge Street In Ontario, Canada

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Narcando Canada Visa Giveaway! Get your chance to win a $50 Visa Gift card Today!!!!!

Narcando Canada Visa Giveaway! Get your chance to win a $50 Visa Gift card Today!!!!!

How to enter?

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The winner will be announced next Friday March 17th!!
Many more giveaways to come so stay tuned!!

(Contest Valid In All Countries!)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

How To Determine A Targeted Audience By Narcando Canada

So you have an idea in mind that you want to start a side business online, great! Well, let me help you get started on figuring out who you are going to sell your products too & why they will want to buy them. I have no hidden secret to reveal on making money because truthfully it doesn't exist, the only way a person can successfully become a money making business owner is hard work, period.

What are you trying to sell? Is it top branded gear like Narcando clothing? Maybe it's your corner maid cleaning service? Who knows, no matter the business you are trying to get jump started you have a specific customer base (people who want you or your stuff!) that you are trying to impress & get to come use your service or buy your products instead of the competitions. But how do you sway customers to come to your new, yet unknown business? Your answer was in the introduction, hard work! Start by providing a solid service, if you sell clothing to make sure it's good quality & not cheap, keep up to date on latest fashion trends, blog about your items & make sure to be very descriptive when uploading or advertising your products online so customers get exactly what they are looking for.
Narcando Canada Prime Rectangle Pillow By Narcando Canada

Figure what product or service you are trying to offer & then go by that, let's say you make jewelry you aren't looking to sell those items to customers searching for bike parts. Make sure you have rich content targeted to the person using or buying the product. If you are selling a dress, buy it & wear it out, give your own feedback & take the feedback you get back to the drawing board. Design a new product based off that, you can only do better & this is hard work.

Canada Prime Dress Sublimation Dress By Narcando Canada 

Patience is the reason Narcando Canada has become such a successful brand in such a short period of time, I started off as a Blogger writing pointless content for a dead blog but it was the way I learned to do better so I could keep people engaged. Follow Narcando Canada newsletter in the sidebar to stay updated on deals & tips how to make your online business better.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Why Its Important To Start Blogging For Your Online Store By Narcando Canada

Imagine the world where no one spoke about the brands you always wore or used. The brands that you spent hundreds of dollars on like dresses, Tshirts or maybe games but when you went to show it off no one cared...seems weird right, or what if companies never advertised products before they came out & you just found out the day it was released, sure they might make some money, but not as much if they spent weeks planning advertising campaigns & showing off the new product. Well in hindsight not blogging about your items & your website will ultimately slow down your progress a lot especially if you are running an e-commerce website. The internet works with good content & keywords unless you're dedicated to hours in front of a mind shattering bright screen typing for hours on end, building an online store won't work out for you.

It takes extreme amounts of time & dedication of describing every product in depth for your customers to have a great understanding of the items your trying to sell, take amazon, for example, every item they sell has an in-depth description with product reviews from buyers giving the web browsers a lot of content to capture by search bots putting you higher in the search engines rankings making it easier for someone to find you on Google. Now I am not an SEO specialist by any means, but the sites I have created have brought me a decent success making me good money on the side. One day I hope to retire & just run my online businesses but I have not even thought that far ahead yet because I have more things in store & future projects in mind.

Canada Prime Leggings By Narcando Canada

If you have new products coming out, set arrival dates & times, discount the items if possible & emphasize or advertise a specific collection. These are all methods to produce higher revenue for the items your selling, don't forget I am just talking about on a blog you have set up for the website such as the one you're reading this on. Secondary or third party sites linking to your primary site is another way of generating new customers, but also use word of mouth because just speaking about your brand will have an impact!
FANTECH Gaming Keyboard By Narcando Canada

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Narcando Canada 14K Gold Aquamarine Ring 5 CT Eye Cut

Narcando Canada proudly announcing the release of our 5 Ct Aquamarine gemstone ring for the most exquisite of women. With a vintage mounting & beautifully rounded shank made of 14k gold, no man could turn away ladies. Available now at Narcando.com!

Narcando Canada 5ct Aquamarine Ring
Narcando Canada 5ct Aquamarine Ring

The Narcando 14K Gold Aquamarine Ring 5 CT Eye Cut  is your way to be a staple anywhere wearing designer jewelry. With a 5 CT Aquamarine stone embedded in 14K gold will make any women smile! 
Narcando Canada has many gemstones & fine jewelry available, every piece designed by the finest jewelers across the world.

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Item Type: Rings
Fine or Fashion: Fine
Brand Name: MYRAY
Metals Type: White Gold
CertificateType: None
Shape\pattern: Plant
Main Stone: Aquamarine
Rings Type: Wedding Bands
Gender: Women
Style: Romantic
Setting Type: Prong Setting
Metal Stamp: 14k
Occasion: Engagement
Model Number: a002
Metal Color: Red/Yellow/White
Solid Gold: Yes
Gold: 14k/18k
Plated Gold: No
Cubic Zirconia: No
Diamond: Natural Conflict Free Diamond
Customized: Yes
Rush Service: Available
Package: Jewelry Box
Occasion: Engagement,Wedding,Anniversary,Gift,Party

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